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    9.45 Registration

    10.00 Introduction & Overview – Home making and shaping

    • Have communities been able to stay involved in the shaping of their local area as it changes? How successful has this been for the communities which have emerged? Daisy Froud (UCL)

    10.40 What methods and approaches are delegate organisations using?

    • Polling Snapshot of current practice, Susan May (UDL)

    10.50 Comfort break

    11.00 What are the ways of working with and for residents? What is effective and what creates the places needed for communities to flourish? Including statutory engagement, use of ballots, co-design and community led housing.

    • Statutory engagement, Sam Holgate (Filigree) , Deborah Efemini (LB Lewisham) & Laura Alvarez (Nottingham City Council)
      Regin & ballots, Matthew Morgan (Quality of Life Foundation)
      Community led homes, Mellis Haward (Archio Architects)
    • Q&A
    • Comfort break

    12.00 Shaping and making homes of the future – speaker and delegate discussion

    • What are the trends for collaboration and co-design going forward? How can the growing use of digital methods be effective? How can resources best be used and focus be given to design outcomes as well as process? Matt Bell (Heatherwick Studio) & Clare Richards (ftwork)

    12.45 Wrap up & Close

    • Date : 11/07/2022
    • Type : Urban
    • Authority : Mark
    • Location : Online