About us

BOB-MK is a not for profit network and rely on support from our members and the wider industry.

Who we are

BOB-MK urban design network has been operating for over fifteen years and is a collaborative group of predominantly local authority officers with an interest in urban design issues. The network promotes the benefits of sharing good practice, ideas and issues, meeting with and learning from peers. One of the main activities of BOB-MK is industry events trips and seminars.

Our network has promoted the benefits of sharing ideas, issues and best practice between neighbouring local authorities for some 15 years with a strong core membership of fourteen local authorities. Delegates from the local authorities include a combination of urban designers, landscape architects, conservation
officers, development control officers, policy officers and elected members. BOB-MK both promotes excellent urban design and provides a cost-effective way of raising design awareness through its meetings and training events.

What we do

The network delivers training, design reviews and urban design events as well as organising educational visits to housing developments and sites across the member regions.

BOB-MK works together with many industry professionals and across our network membership to provide relevant and interesting activities and knowledge sharing for our members. (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & Milton Keynes).

It is a not for profit organisation with a steering group consisting of a member from each of the member councils across the local area.

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